Build a 3D hurricane model through satellite images by 3ds Max.

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  1. Go to the [National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service(NESDIS)] Check one of the latest hurricane data. I choose to use the Hurricane Wutip as the example.

  2. Open the link under HTML5 Image Loop -> Long -> Visible. Then screenshot or download the sequence of images. img3

  3. Process these images through Photoshop. You can record an action first, then process all the images. a. Crop out the bottom information -> b. change image to black and white -> c. adjust levels to align front and end of graph -> d. in image size, change the resolution to 300 ppi and resample as bicubic smoother(enlargement) -> e. filter choose reduce noise under noise. adjust the parameter to make image looks soft img4

  4. Open 3ds Max, under object, create a plane, and adjust its parameters' length segs and width segs to 100 by 100 or 200 by 200.

  5. Press material shortcut m, Switch Modes to Compact Material Editor. Choose one default material, then apply bitmap to its diffuse. The bitmap choose the first ordered image you just processed. Check the Sequence box, then open. Assign this material to the plane, and press Show Shaded Material in Viewport

  6. Switch the pannel from create to modify, under modify list, choose displace. Then assign bitmap under image as same as previous material editor.

  7. Under displacement, adjust the strength to a reasonable heigh. Finally, adjust the Blur to make the model smooth.

  8. Right now, you can drag the time slider or hit play to see the animated 3D Hurricane model. img1

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