RESUME -- 个人简历

## introduction

David Yang is a landscape architect with specialties in programming and VR&AR application in landscape design. His research interests include investigation of storm surge through Virtual Reality, game in landscape design, religions and urban public spaces in South Asia. He has two years of professional practice experience in China and the US, working with diverse type and scale projects.

## experience

              2018  Landscape Architecture Designer at BAM (Ballistic  

                      Architecture Machine), Beijing  

              2017  Teaching Assistant for Urban Systems Studio, RISD  

              2015  Landscape Internship at Pacheco Koch, Dallas  

              2014  Graphic Designer for Landscape Architecture Department, OSU  

              2013  Architecture Model Exhibition on Campus, SWJTU  

              2012  Volunteer of Fourth China Innovation and Entrepreneurship   

                     Forum & Tianfu International Forum, Chengdu  

## education

              2016 - 2019   Rhode Island School of Design

                            Master of Landscape Architecture  

              2013 - 2016   Oklahoma State University

                            Bachelors of Landscape Architecture  

              2011 - 2016   Southwest Jiaotong University   

                            Bachelors of Landscape Architecture (Joint Degree)  

## awards

              2018  Placenote AR Demo Video Challenge Winner  

              2016  American Society of Landscape Architects Student Build   

                     Merit Award, Oklahoma Chapter   

              2015  Oklahoma State University President's Honor Roll  

              2014  American Society of Landscape Architects Scholarship,   

                     Oklahoma Chapter  

              2013  Transfer Nonresident Achievement Scholarship   

              2012  Merit Student of Southwest Jiaotong University  

## skills

              CS: Game Development with Unity3D, Arduino Programming, SQL,

                 Python Web Dev & Data Crawling, HTML, JavaScript, C#, C++

              Graphic: AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator  

              Sound & Video: Audition, Ableton Live, Premiere, After Effect  

              Model & GIS: Rhino, SketchUp, Revit, Maya, Lumion, Vray, Enscape  

                           Grasshopper, ArcGIS, QGIS  

              Craft & Draw: Marker, Watercolor, Pen and Pencil Sketch,  

                           Multi-Material Modeling Skills, Metal Fabrication

## portfolio

[Landscape Architecture Portfolio]
[BAM Work Collection]

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