Find Trip

Build Date: 12/14/2018
Related Tools: Mapbox SDK, Placenote SDK, ARKit
2018 Placenote Video Challenge Award Winner

This game is the final project of my game development course in RISD. It mainly tests and experiments the use of GPS and AR on the Mobile platform. The concept of this game is guiding people to explore the hidden treasure of the outdoor world.

Video Demo


GPS Scene, Character and UI Button: group1

AR Scene, AR UI, AR Trigger Magic Orb: group2

AR Lanterns, Fire Lines Between Lanterns: group3

The GPS scene will indicate your location and POI(Point of Interest). When you entering the range of one POI, the menu will be activated. There are two icon buttons you can choose. One will show the detail information and pictures of this POI. The another will switch the current GPS scene to an AR camera scene. Then it will load the corresponding AR map data and trying to match and locate the real world view. When the matching success, the AR elements will show up in the view, and you can interact with it and gain experience and reward. In this prototype, there is a magic orb you can click, and it will generate a sky lantern. Then click it again after cooling time, it will keep generating new lanterns. When you click the lantern itself, it will generate a light beam connecting the adjacent lantern in a certain range.

In further development, a mission and reward system will be designed to attract players to stay playing. And a multi-player online system will be created to emphasize its social function. The player can see other player's lantern and connect them in the sky. Once the number of connected lanterns large enough, the light and color effects will change, the living time of lantern will last longer, and the player can get special honor and experience. This game has great social value. It could work as a social radar, people can know where is the active and popular according to the AR lanterns in the sky.

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