BLUES ROAD -- 布鲁斯(蓝调)之路

With the African slavers being shipping to the New Orleans, the spirit of Blues also being brought to this continent ... Blue is the deepest color: it deep inside of the air, the water, the unspoken language, the body, the soul, the history and the culture...


Blues was started at Mississippi Delta, where the sky, the land, and the water were so special and intimate with the people in between.


At the beginning of eighteen century, a large number of slaves had been brought to New Orleans. They had been traded and sold on Markets. Congo Square is one of the most famous slave markets at that time. Many of the family forced to being separated. They had no choice, working on plantations day after day, and being treated as a prisoner. To prevent the communication between the solvers, the host forced them to mix with different tribs so they can’t talk in the same language. Children were put on a mask, adults were worn metal neck chains rings. However, nothing can stop them to speak. They draw a map on their head and communicate with swinging tones. The Blues was born from the trail. They singing, they moaning, they dancing, they clapping… Through music, they speak out their complaint of unfair lives, their pressure, their anger, and their longings.

在18世纪初,大量的黑奴通过新奥尔良港口被运送到了北美大陆。他们在市场上被贩卖被交换。Congo Square 在那时就是一个繁忙的黑奴市场。在那里无数的黑人失去自由,无数的黑人家庭被无情分离。他们别无选择,日日夜夜工作在奴隶主的种植园里,大农场上,像狱囚一样对待。为了阻止奴隶之间发生交流,奴隶主将他们混合到用不同语言的不同部落的囚犯中。并且让儿童带上面罩,大人带上项铃枷锁。然而,再多困难都无法阻止黑奴们发声。他们在头上画地图,用摇摆的音乐来表达。蓝调就诞生于这苦难之路。他们唱,他们哼,他们舞,他们拍… 通过音乐,他们说出生活的辛酸和不公,他们说出恐惧说出愤怒,他们说出希望说出憧憬。

In the 1820s, since the progress of fighting slavery, the African American got freedom. They were liking to seek and live a better life. Along the Mississippi River, they go up to Memphis. It was the time that Blues music blossom of the City. In 1850, Rock and Roll were born from the Blue. Since black is not allowed to perform in social public media, the white start to perform this kind of music and got very popular. Go even further north along the Mississippi River, the Blues flowed to a big modern industrial city - Chicago. And it eventually developed their own style - Chicago Blue. Since then, the blue goes in various branches. Lots of music styles now are origin from the Blues.


The music of Blues usually characterized by the call-and-response pattern. It is a very moving rhythm, and hard to stop following, singing or dancing. It feels like the flow of the river. And you can imagine the intimacy of the ground and the sky.


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